martes, 17 de abril de 2007


In the level, it was very difficult but as it was advancing, I understood and I learned many things

Thank!!! Bye


He is doctor
His name is Gustavo
He works in the hospital

He's a civil engineer
His name is Arturo
He Works in a construction

He is a lawyer
His name is Gilberto
He Works in a office

My Dream house

I dream of a house of white color in a big city, that has three rooms, a kitchen, a Jacuzzi, a swimming pool and garden

My Day

I get up six in the morning to take a bath and to have breakfast. I leave my house I take the bus to go to the university, go to class from seven to twelve, I return home to study, at seven o'clock, I have dinner, I see T.V and at eleven o'clock, I go to bed to sleep

My Wheater

They are my cousins, we are in Merida, We're sitting down on a rock, they are beautiful and intelligent.
It's very cold. They are wearing clothes for cold weather, gloves, jeans and hat.

My Family

My Father's name is Freddy and my mother's name is Alida, I don't have any siblings, my name is Fanyenet

I describe myself

Hi. Her name's Fanyenet Mavarez. She's 17 years old. She studies accounting in URBE, She's sitting in front of a tree. She's pretty, she's smart, is really tall.
She's really friendly, she's wearing a black t-shirt, she's wearing a belt, she's wearing orange jeans green sneakers, it's a very hot and sunny day